Summer 2024 Rates

Wet Slip Full Season Rates

Boat 28 ft or less:*
$62/ft with electric

Boat 29 ft or more:*
$71/ft with electric

2nd Boat or Jet Ski:**

Summer Trailer Storage:*

Dock Box Space:***

Boat Wet Slip Transient Rates

$22/ft,   $24/ft with electric

$8/ft,   $9/ft with electric

$3/ft,   $3.50/ft with electric

Jet Ski Wet Slip Transient Rates




Contact us if you are interested in docking at Cheswick Marina or if you need more information.

To see our 2024 summer full season rates and terms, download our docking agreement.

* Rate is based on LOA (Length Over All).

** 2nd Boat/Jet Ski must of equal or lessor size than 1st Boat/Jet Ski and titled in same name.

*** Flat Rate for space to set dock box on docks. Maximum Dimensions: 72" W x 22" D x 26" H.